Microblading Accelerator Program (MAP)
~The new industry standard for quality training~

Photo: Senior Trainer Jade (left) and Head Master Trainer Lara Vu (right)

For over a decade, Lara Vu has been enhancing her clients’ natural beauty with leading European styles of semi-permanent makeup while pushing the creative boundaries of the Art. Now she has proved again to be the industry-leading, Semi-Permanent Makeup Educator by creating the most effective and personalised microblading program available in Australia without equal.

Our MAP Program exists for you to ACCELERATE your skill development towards an Advanced Level in the art, right from Beginner.

The MAP Accelerator Program is EDA’s unique training system, created by our Founder and renown Headmaster Trainer, Lara Vu, exclusive to our students and with your success in mind.

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MAP Program advantages:

  • Accelerate your Microblading skills to a full-rate paid Artist in 3 months.
  • EDA 3-month Membership – After completing our 2-day Intensive Microblading course, you get to practise your new skills in 10 more workshops.
  • Perform full Microblading treatments on 12 live models (2-day Microblading course + 10 Workshops) with the help and feedback of our trainers.
  • You don’t require any certification or previous knowledge in Beauty Therapy.
  • Our unique system for teaching small groups maximises your time with trainers yielding best results.
  • In our Microblading course we take a maximum of 5 students and we provide 2 trainers.
  • We provide all models for your workshops.
  • MAP is designed to fit into your busy lifestyle. Our workshops go for up to 3 hours (1 full treatment), once per week, after office hours and on weekends.
  • Lifetime online support and 20% lifetime discount on all our products. You can purchase all Microblading supplies at our Academy or we can ship it to you.
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Your Investment:

Opening Special

NOW and ONLY for the first 20 Memberships:

  • 12-day MAP Program Microblading course: $5,000 – Valued at $6,500 (after first 20 memberships are booked)
  • 13-day MAP Program Microblading + Powder Effect course: $6,500 – Valued at $7,500 (after first 20 memberships are booked)

Extra certifications:

  • Maintain Infection Control Standards (SHBBINF001): $500 (Only available for our students)

Our 2-day intensive microblading course is designed to provide you with all the fundamental knowledge in the art. As a beginner, learning the correct technique is fundamental to your future development as a microblading artist.

In our course, you will learn everything you need to know, starting from the client consultation process to designing eyebrows. You will watch a full treatment demonstration performed by our experienced trainer and then you will perform the full treatment yourself on 2 live models with help from our trainers. Our training sessions have a maximum capacity of 5 students and 2 trainers, so you will not be left alone for long periods of time like at other academies.

Once you complete your initial 2-day training, our MAP program will take you to an advanced level of microblading artistry over a period of only 3 months through personalised training with valuable one-on-one feedback on your work after every workshop. This will help you improve your technique rapidly on a weekly basis.

Microblading Course Breakdown

Day 1The Art of Microblading Theory:

  • Maintain Infection Control Standards and Procedures
  • SHBBINF001 – ($500 extra, if you require a certificate)
  • Fitzpatrick scale & skin types
  • Theory of colours
  • Introduction to the Art of Microblading
  • Hair strokes patterns and spines
  • The golden ratio & shaping
  • Creating hyper-realistic hair strokes
  • Tools and equipment
  • Microblading practice on latex

Day 2Microblading Practical Day:

  • Client Consultation Procedures
  • Customise unique hair strokes for clients
  • Stretching technique and pressure
  • Before and aftercare
  • Live Microblading demonstration (full treatment)
  • Student practical experience Microblading on 2 live models (full treatment)
  • Certification ceremony

Day 3 (Optional for an extra fee) – Powder Effect/Ombré Technique:

  • Infection control standards and procedures
  • Fitzpatrick scale and skin types
  • Theory of colours for machine technique
  • Machine and equipment
  • Client Consultation Procedures
  • Identifying spine types
  • Stretching technique and pressure
  • Hand movement practice on latex
  • Eye Design Sydney Signature Powder Brow Technique and Styles
  • Before and aftercare
  • Demo on a live model (full treatment)
  • Student practical experience on 1 live model
  • Certification ceremony

Kit inclusions:

Microblading Professional Kit

  • 20 x Disposable Hand Tool
  • 20 x Finest Microblading Blades (FItted on Hand Tool)
  • 20 x Disposable Pigment Cup Rings
  •  6 x Eyebrow Pigments
  •  5 x Practice Latex Mats
  •  1 x Golden Ratio Caliper
  •  1 x Client Form
  •  1 x After Care Information Sheet
  •  1 x Eyebrow Razor
  •  1 x Pencil Razor
  •  1 x Eyebrow Pencil
  •  1 x Eyebrow Thread
  •  1 x Microblading Workbook and Manual
  •  1 x Numbing Cream
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Our Intensive 2-day Microblading Course

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Terms & Conditions – Training

Deposits and cancellations:  You can cancel a training session up to four (4) weeks before the commencing training date and your deposit will be refunded minus an administration fee of $200 per deposit taken. Deposits will not be refunded for any cancellation during the 4 weeks prior to the training commencing date.

Bookings for our courses can be rescheduled two (2) weeks prior to the commencing date of the course that has been booked. You may incur additional charges if you try to reschedule for a training session date that does not include a discount offer.

You can not reschedule or cancel a training session if it is booked within two (2) weeks prior to the training session.

if you do not show up to your training session, your deposit will not be refunded.